Allgemein, Mail: karatevereindr(at)aol.com

Vereinsvorsitzender: Michael Eberhardt, Tel. 036422/60303, Mail project.eberhardt(at)googlemail.com

Shotokan-Karate: Michael Eberhardt (siehe oben), Frauke Schmidt, Tel. 036422/22521

Kenko Kempo Karate: Stefan Wogawa, Tel. 0176/23790691, Mail wogawa(at)aol.com

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  1. Dear Sir,

    with this letter I would like to invite you and your Team to attend the Unified World Championships.

    This is the greatest Event of Martial Arts and Combat Sport in the world. You can watch the video of last edition to have an idea. The Event is organized in the town of Marina di Carrara, 30 minutes far from Pisa and 1 hour far from Firenze (Florence).

    We organize this Event from 9 years, from 2 years it become an Unified World Championships with the support of 33 World Federation of Martial Arts and Combat Sports.

    These are the specialties that we have at the Event:

    KARATE: Kumite – Kata – Kobudo – Karate Self Defence
    KUNG FU: Fighting (Sanda and Sanda Light) – Forms (Chinese and Vietnamese styles)
    KICKBOXING: Semi Contact/Point Fighting – Light Contact/Continuous Fighting – LowKick Light – K1 Light – Full Contact – K1 – Lowkick – Muay Thai
    MMA: Light Contact – Full Contact
    TAEKWONDO ITF Rules: Sparring – Forms
    TAEKWONDO WTF Rules: Sparring – Forms
    ALL STYLES: Traditional Forms – Free Style Forms – Musical Forms – Extreme Forms – Traditional Self Defence – Scenic Self Defence – Street Self Defence. With and without weapons. SOft Styles and Hard Styles.

    This is the official website with all necessary information: http://www.unifiedworldchampionships.com/

    On the website you will find logistic info, event schedule, rules, categories, how to reach, location info, prices info, frequently asked questions.

    I really hope you will like to attend the Event with your Team.

    If you like please send me your telephonu number. I will call you with pleasure to give more specific information.

    Waiting for your appreciated answer I remain at your disposal to give you all necessary information.

    Best regards
    Cristiano Radicchi
    Organizing Committee
    Tel. 0039 0585 861280
    Tel. & Fax 0039 0585 240851
    Mob. 0039 339 4117737

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